Larry Is Real

Anonymous asked: "I have a feeling your "proof" will just be videos and photos that we have already seen. :/"

Sorry you feel that way. The truth is that unless those videos or photos were from insiders or that we’ve personally taken then I assure you that you haven’t seen any.x

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kn3lstatsl9 asked: "Hello there! May I kindly ask, where did you attain this proof, and what is it of? Thank you dear :)"

http://larry— Those questions are answered in our FAQ babe. 

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Anonymous asked: "do you think the boys could ever come out?"

In our opinions, without any help or support, we assume the boys could only ever come out once their fame has died out.

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benditlikeboobear-deactivated20 asked: "Is your idea that by showing people that the two are happy and in love then that would gather a positive response from the fans because they ultimately should want them to be happy? I can't think of any other way that showing "proof" could be positive, but I'll stick around either way. I hope what your doing could finally allow Harry and Louis to be open and comfortable with showing their relationship, but there has to be some negative consequences no matter what."

What we are doing is a bit difficult to explain in detail at the moment. We are unable to disclose everything but believe us when we say that the last thing we would ever want to do is hurt Louis and Harry. We are trying to help all the boys in general. We thank you for not giving any false and negative accusations and we hope that you stay long enough to.see results. Xx

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Anonymous asked: "i wanted to ask you if you could tell me if eleanor is in fact a beard."

Larry is real.

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Anonymous asked: "we've been trolled 73373727272 times hon. no one believes these blogs anymore because they are BULLSHIT. it doesn't matter that you won't gain anything, you're still just fucking with us because you have nothing better to do. xx"

Listen anon, we never asked you to believe us. We’ll be the ones laughing when the truth gets out. Remember we’re the ones here with ALL the lovely Larry proof with pictures, videos and evidence. We are not causing anyone any harm, we are here with a purpose and if you do not want to support us, that is fine, you don’t have to. X

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footielouie asked: "is this proof videos OR pics, or both? and how did you get it again? x"

We cannot specify very much information about our proof and regarding your question, it is a variety of types of proofs including knowledge from insiders and other reliable sources x

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Anonymous asked: "please reply to my friend larrystylinsonordie. we are both in on it"

Okay, I will try my best but we have a lot of messages. Come off anon please :)

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About our messages

Our ask box is quite full at the moment, if we do not answer you right away then we hope you stay tuned because we will try to do our best to give you answers. However, we warn you that if your question is either part of our FAQ, on anonymous or holding negative accusations, the chances of us answering you are smaller. Thank you for your patience and understanding xx

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